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Illustrated Dinner

Programs and Services

Three-Tiered Program

Cultured Mornings offers a three-tiered program for each of its participants to build practical life skills, reduce food insecurity, and help youth reach their full potential.

Tier 1: Cohort-based learning institute focused on skill development along with social and emotional intelligence and mentoring.


Tier 2: More Than a Cook, a community initiative is all about teaching our members to help feed those who need our help.


Tier 3: Global Learning and learning the differences in cooking and the meaning of meals across the globe.


● Cooking education, including safety certifications

● Promoting healthier cooking and eating lifestyles (i.e., intuitive eating)

● Inspire youth to consider the culinary and hospitality industry as a career

● Mentoring

● Budgeting

● Financial literacy

● Skill-focused cohort institute

Whom We Serve

Cohort membership-based institution for middle school and high school students with a priority for the youth of color, communities that are in food deserts, and other communities to know and feel their sense of self-worth and to equip them with the skills they need to avoid food insecurity throughout their youth and into adulthood.

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